¡NUEVOlution!Latinos and the New South nuevoution-web

¡NUEVOlution! is a 3,500 sq. ft. bilingual, interactive national exhibit with robust programming, civic dialogue, collaborative art and online media that explore the surprising ways Latinos are shaping the South and the South is shaping Latinos. Created by the Levine Museum of the New South in collaboration with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Atlanta History Center. Melloweb created over 20 videos for this ground breaking exhibit.


Melloweb will create 6 videos honoring:  Dr. Betsy M. Bennett for Public Service; Robert A. Ingram for Public Service; Lenard D. Moore for Literature; Dr. Jagdish (Jay) Narayan for Science; Alan Shapiro for Literature and Ira David Wood III for Fine Arts.