5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Teen With College Essays

The process of getting admitted into college can be stressful for teens. With millions of students making applications to various colleges each year, one has to ensure they keep their grades up, prepare for the SAT or ACT and study for the final exams. Thus, writing a killer college application maybe overwhelming for teenagers. Parents, however, with little or no effort can help their children get accepted into college by helping out through various ways.

Conducting research.

The primary way of helping one’s teenager is by researching different topics, through reading as many s as possible previously written. Doing so allows a parent find examples of the excellent s written by past students; identify common topics written about, for example, overcoming failure and get ideas on how college s look like, thereby getting ideas on where to start to help.

Reflect on your child’s profile.

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With many college s topics leaning towards personal situations, it is helpful for a parent to identify various aspects of their teen’s high school experience. For instance, identifying instances when their teenager overcame obstacles, took responsibility for anything or when they handled stressful situations with precision and sound judgment. A list of one’s teen interests, for instance, volunteering to help the homeless is also crucial. One should then associate how these instances and activities would answer different college questions such as ‘how did you handle a difficult situation,’ by coming up with ideas to share with the teen.

Engage in a conversation about the timeline of the .

Finding the appropriate time to the college determines its fineness. Therefore, parents should start a conversation about this fact with the teenagers by proposing, for instance, the summer break before the senior year as the ideal time for writing for various reasons. First, it will give the teen adequate time to develop their ideas, draft, revise and improve it. Two, during this time the teen will enjoy writing without deadline pressure or other school work. The conversation facilitates adequate plans for both the parents and the teen to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted time.

Play the role of offering constructive ideas and supportive feedback instead of driving the writing process.

As a parent, one may face the temptation of solving your teen’s problems. However, in writing a college , one’s role should be solely to ensure the reflects the true nature of your teen and that it answers the topic question. One should help the teen narrow down the area to focus on that depicts who they are and begin by giving positive feedback of the strengths of the such as an excellent introduction and perfect grammar. In this way, when one enumerates its weak points, the teen will take the criticism positively and strive to get it right.

Proofread the .

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Creative rs at the writing company https://basics.com say that writing a college requires several revisions and rereading. Thus, it can become old for the teen thereby interfering with their judgment. A parent should act as fresh eyes to your teen’s work, to edit and provide new insights into the writing. One should, however, steer clear of editing the and instead promote critical and creative thinking through the provision of ideas and coaching.
Essay writing for college admission is the most significant part of the application process that a teen has to fulfill, to sell themselves to the colleges of their choice. While this process is tasking for most teens, the involvement of parents eases the burden while promoting the teen’s academic success.

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