In contemporary society, internships are not solely reserved for college students anymore. Now, internships for high school students exist, many of which take place over the summer, providing an excellent way for high school students to learn about professional opportunities, gain work experience, and network within academic and career fields.

What Is an Internship?
Essentially, an internship is a temporary job that introduces an intern to a specific profession. Sometimes, internships are paid, though typically at the lowest end of the pay scale, other times, they are unpaid. The purpose of an internship is to gain insight and experience in a specific field while simultaneously performing some practical work in exchange for the experience.

Requirements for an Internship: Eligibility
Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 and a junior standing before the commencement of an internship. Students must finish the “Principles” class for the subject area before starting the internship. Students must have a resume and an prepared on why the company should consider “you” for the internship. If you are having difficulties in preparing your resume or , you can buy an from the credible Canada writing service from which you can buy an without plagiarism. Lastly, students must have sufficient maturity and background to learn from the experience.
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Amazing Internships for High School Students
For students interested in the STEM disciplines, NASA’s internship program is an excellent choice. The program offers students a “unique NASA-related operational experience and research.” You will work with a mentor while participating in the operations of a NASA facility.
NASA interns must:
• Be U.S citizens
• Be sixteen or older by the beginning of the internship
• Have a GPA minimum of 3.0 on the 4.0 scale
2. The Constitutional Rights Foundation
The Constitutional Rights Foundation “aims to instill a deeper understanding of citizenship in our nation’s youth through values expressed in our Bill of Rights and Constitution, and to educate young individuals to become responsible and active participants in our society.”

Through the CRF, first-generation, college-bound high school students are placed in paid summer internships at corporations, non-profits, local law firms, or government agencies. The internship does not cater to a single subject – interns are placed according to their interests and individual skills.

Applicants must:
• Live in the Los Angeles area
• Submit a transcript and two letters of recommendation
• Write an
• Provide proof of participation in Reduced/Free Meals Program
• Complete interviews
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3. Microsoft
The high school internship program offered by Microsoft allows students to learn about computer science and computer programming. However, if you want to participate in this program, you should:
• Be comfortable with Microsoft Office and email
• Be willing to work full-time (forty hours per week) for ten weeks
• Have a working knowledge of HTML
• Provide a letter of recommendation and a resume
• Live in or be able to access the Western state area

Conclusion: Awesome Internships for High School Students
For high school students, internships are awesome resume-builders and provide an opportunity to gain experience, learn, and network. Remember, the right internship for you will be the one that aligns with your passions, future career goals, and interest. If you have any difficulties in resume or writing, you can buy an now online or do some research and buy an from legitimate writing services and have it written professionally according to your requirements.

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