Rodrigo Dorfman’s first exposure to the transformational power of  documentary filmmaking was in 1985, when he worked as a soundman and production assistant for Teleanalisis, an underground Chilean video news gathering agency. At the time Chile was under a military dictatorship and this agency collected information outside the regular tightly controlled military channels for distribution to the outside world and for use in the poor communities, allowing Chileans to see uncensored news about their lives. This experience marked him for the rest of his life and gave Rodrigo a palpable immediacy and urgency to the emotional and aesthetic blue print of his future work.

Rodrigo Dorfman has a long-life experience of working with  communities at the margins of society. From producing cross-border plays between San Diego and Tijuana, to bringing multimedia financial education to the North Carolina Latino community and working with  various communities with disabilities, trauma and exile,  Rodrigo Dorfman believes in the power of the  collaborative documentary experience  to facilitate a sense of community and belonging.