Angelica’s Dreams

Winner of the Dora Maxwell Award for Social Responsability, Angélica’s Dreams, the first Latino feature to come out of North Carolina, is the moving story of Roberto and Angélica an immigrant Latino couple torn between staying in the US or returning back to their native country.  When Angelica becomes pregnant, after years of being told that she was sterile, everything changes and the couple is faced with the difficult realization that one of them will have to sacrifice their dream for the other.

The film was originally conceived as an “educational video” commissioned by the Latino Community Credit Union to be used in their financial education workshops members who wanted to apply for a mortgage to buy a home. Boldly mixing documentary and fiction, telenovela and comedy, director/producer Rodrigo Dorfman shot the film entirely on location in Durham, North Carolina, plunging his main characters deep into the daily life of one of the most vibrant new Latino communities in the U.S.

Angelica’s Dreams is an attempt to go beyond the assumed limitations of the genre. It’s an experiment that lies somewhere between the borders of fiction and reality, tragedy and farce, English and Spanish.

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