In the Footsteps of September 11

In August of 1973, Santiago, Chile, was a city on edge. The national economy was in a shambles, the result of a U.S.-engineered blockade that froze aid to the country, led to rampant inflation, and created shortages of essential goods. Despite the covert nature of it all, there had been open speculation in Santiago, in the editorial pages of the major newspapers and on TV news programs, of American involvement in what would soon amount to a coup d’etat: the toppling of Chile’s socialist government. (Duke Magazine)

On September 11, 1973, the military coup against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende placed r Ariel Dorfman  at the crossroads of his life. Thirty-one years later, accompanied by Duke Magazine reporter Pat Adams, and multimedia producer Rodrigo Dorfman, Ariel Dorfman, retraces for the first time the steps he made on that fateful day. Duke Magazine commissioned its first full-length multimedia documentary to complement the magazine feature article. The website  includes more than 30 minutes of video, in a series of small mini-documentaries and interactive biographical maps.

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