Melloweb is a multimedia production company based in Durham, NC., under the direction of award-winning filmmaker Rodrigo Dorfman. We are dedicated to the creation of independent feature films and digital educational documentaries in cooperation with NGO’s, educational and grassroots organizations,  visual artists, film companies and private institutions as a means to develop  intercultural, social, scientific  and political communication. In the past Melloweb has worked with PBS POV, R.F. Kennedy Center For Justice and Human Rights, Duke and UNC-CH Universities,, Walltown Children’s Theatre, Durham Arts Council, NC Arts Council, Museum of the Future, Voices Together and the Latino Credit Union among others.

From small intimate projects to larger scale documentaries or fiction narrative, Melloweb offers a wide range of multimedia module options. These multimedia documentaries or fiction narratives can be created as stand alone additions to your website, they can also be embedded into your website and/or authored as DVD’s or CD-ROMs. It is my belief that there is no cookie cutter approach to this process. Every single project demands a specialized and tailored approach. Be it large or small, a sucessful documentary rides on creating a dynamic working relationship between the documentarian and his subject. Trust, responsabilty and cooperation are essential to this process. My job is to give form to your vision and help you effectively communicate the stories that make your organization a leader in its field.

Developement phase: We explore the various stories you would like to tell. We also discuss the best media appoaches to telling those stories. A budget is created.
Pre-production phase: As we put together a list of people, places and activities you would like to present, the actual design begins to take shape and a production schedule is set in motion.
Production phase: All the necessary material to create the multimedia documentary is generated. I begin to process the material and post on the web various multimedia formats for viewing. This is when your input will be crucial. A draft of the website is circulated.
Post-production phase: Missing information is collected in the field, information edited and the video, website or CD-DVD-ROM is finalized.