Museum of the Future

Partnering with research associate and Marine Biologist Peter Etnoyer, Melloweb launched an educational website on a newly discovered species of coral. Museum of the Future is an important merger between science and outreach. We work to make science interesting and relevant to people, especially conservation science. We are optimists. We focus on new species, and on endangered species.  This merger services a growing market in data visualization and information distribution. Museum of the Future invokes technology to increase environmental literacy.

We produce online data streams  [map and video servers, for example] that can reinforce physicalcomponents [e.g. places or exhibits] with preview materials and preparatory information. The combined product is an integrated experience. This integrated architecture will reinforce important ideas through expandable outreach and education tools customized to meet our client’s needs. The site features interactive voice activated pictionaries and deep sea submarime videos.

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